Printing Capabilities

High-quality offset printing and finishing remains the cornerstones of our success. Our advanced pressroom has allowed us to take advantage of the latest technology and leverage it to provide you with the best possible product.

Inquire about our recently installed Digital Press. Our HP Indigo directly images to a plate cylinder on press which eliminates the film or aluminum plate process, while maintaining the quality of our offset presses. The savings in time and money will be passed to our customers.

 Offset Printing

District Creative Printing is furthering our commitment to traditional high-quality offset printing. District Creative Printing’s pressroom features many varied presses: four two-color presses, one four-color press, and one six-color press with an In-Line Aqueous Coating tower. Our crews of expert press operators ensure that our presswork lives up to the quality standards that our customers have become accustomed.

If it concerns putting ink on paper we know all about it. We have ink in our veins. No matter where other new technologies take us, printing is still our number one passion!

  • Full line of Man-Roland sheet fed presses from two-color to six-color and envelope capabilities
  • Tinted Varnish, Metallic and Fluorescent Inks
  • Aqueous Coating

Dell Servers


Apple Mac OS X  Mountain Lion Server

» 24 TB storage RAID
» Thunderbolt® connectivity
» Gigabit ethernet
» Intel i7 processor
» 256 Solid State Drive
» 24 TB backup

Win Server 2003

» 2 TB storage RAID 5
» Extreme Z-IP® high performance production server
» Dual gigabit ethernet
» Quad Zeon
» 4 GB RAM
» Retrospect backup professional

Intergraph Windows NT

» 126 GB RAID 5 storage
» Dual 550 MHz microprocessors
» 256MB
» Gigabyte ethernet

Macintosh Workstations (7)

PC Workstations (3)


Linotype-Hell ChromaGraph S2000 Scanner

» Reflective and transmissive
» Enlargements up to 2000%
» Originals up to 10″ x 14″

HP ScanJet 8250 document scanner


Dedicated T-1 Line

Sonicwall Firewall with VPN

File Submission via FTP Transfer or e-mail


Rampage RIP and Satellite Shooter/Screening Tower

» Each with dual 3 GHz processors and 1 GB RAM
» Interactive, User-Variable In-RIP trapping
» Agfa Balanced Screening and Rampage RCS Screening

Agfa Xcalibur VLF CTP (computer-to-plate) platesetter

» with in-line processor
» 44.240″ x 50.377″ maximum output to plate
» 1200-3600 dpi output resolution

Apogee Print Drives (3)

» with Windows NT 4.0 server and 2003 server

AgfaJet Sherpa Color Proofer

» with 36″ paper roll
» 1-sided color proof (serves as digital blueline)

HP DesignJet 2000 Color Proofer

» 2-sided color proof (serves as digital blueline)

AgfaJet Grand Sherpamatic

» with 50˝ paper roll
» 2-sided color proof (serves as digital blueline)

FujiFilm FinalProof 5600

» 6-color proofer (accurate color proof, uses actual printing “dot”)

Epson Stylus Pro 9900

» high-quality color matching ICC technology
» 44˝ accurate color proof


HP Indigo 5500 — 6-color capable, variable data capable, & white ink feature


28″ x 40″ Roland 6-color

» with in-line aqueous coating tower

28″ x 40″ Roland 5-color

» with in-line aqueous coating tower

28″ x 40″ Roland 4-color

28″ x 40″ Roland 2-color

20″ x 28″ Roland 2-color

38″ x 50″ Roland 2-color

12″ x 18″ Hamada 665 2-color

» with envelope feeder


6-pocket Muller-Martini Saddlestitcher

16-pocket Muller-Martini Perfect Binder

» with in-line Trimmer and Stacker

26″ x 40″ Baumfolder Paper Folder

» with gate-fold capabilities

28″ x 40″ MBO Folder

» with gate-fold capabilities
» 32 page knife section

26″ x 40″ Baumfolder Paper Folder

17″ x 22″ Baumfolder Paper Folder

20″ x 26″ T-49 MBO Paper Folder

44″ Polar Mohr Paper Cutter (2)

Two-station Rosback Stitcher

Rosback Trueline Scorer/Perforator

Three-hole paper drill (2)

Plastic coil punch and finish

GBC Punch and Binder

ShrinkWrapper (2)