About DCP

High Quality Printing and Book Binding Services Since 1966.

We print, bind, distribute and provide a variety of related services for our clients. Associations, corporations, government agencies, non-profits, international organizations and the design community.

However, the above only addresses what we do and who we do it for. Even though it is important for us to explain what we do, it is the WHY that is ultimately more meaningful to you.

We believe in PUSHING  THE  LIMITS  of our capabilities – that is WHY we are in business. It is why we have an edge. We are not satisfied unless we are PUSHING  THE  LIMITS on a regular basis, otherwise we are no different than the average printer. Average is not what we are shooting for.

The HOW of what we do is to develop an understanding of your business organization – that is to say acquiring knowledge of your industry in general, while learning the specifics of your individual needs.

The WHAT of what we do is to consistently deliver quality print communications and related services, while pushing the limits of attention to detail and meeting deadlines. These are some of the givens – so is “making it easy” to do business with us. We have been around awhile by making sure that we stay focused on that goal.